The Stench Informer

Occasionally, I chose to bike to school instead of guzzling gas whilst sitting in traffic on my way to school.  As a consequence, I would be worried that the small sweat I had worked up caused me to smell bad throughout the day, and that nobody would tell me out of fear of hurting my feelings.

I then took it upon myself to create a service to all of humanity which can anonymously alert peers, coworkers, teachers, bosses, family members, etc. about a possible body odor or bad breathproblem they might have.  Users can login to the website easily through an existing Facebook or Google account, that way they dont have to spend time creating another login which they are simply going to forget. I designed a form from scratch, on which users can select the type of stench that the stinky suspect might have, their relation to the stinky person, and then add a personal comment if they wish.  The form then goes and sends them an email which appears to come from “The Stench Informant.”  These emails are also customized based on the criteria the coworker entered, and the anonymity of the coworker is 100% preserved.  The email contains a link to the Stench Recovery part of my website, which has tutorials to help stinky people become less odorous.

Looking at some of the Stench Notifications that have already been sent, it seems to me as though many people have found a use for the website at the office, with about 43% of visitors browsing using some sort of T1 line.  Some people have also used the site as a joke to hassle their friends, or family members.

Some improvements I am going to be making to this site in the near future are:

– Adding graphics so that the site looks more appealing

– Making the workflow faster and easier

As it turns out, the site has been up for almost two years and I have not received any notifications from my friends, so I can assume that I’ve handled my personal hygiene quite well, if you were still wondering.

Your Prize Free

In high school I partnered with another web entrepreneur to create the free gift site called YourPrizeFree. I handled the maintenance and web design of the site while my partner, an experienced finance graduate, handled the business and financial aspects.

The site did really well when we first opened, with over 1000 active users and hundreds of dollars worth of prizes awarded. Unfortunately, after we stopped advertising with Google Adwords and by word of ‘type’ referrals, we began losing money to hosting and maintenance costs and I no longer find it worthwhile updating the site.

If I were to have some time to partner with new affiliates and generate enough interest in the site, I may think about opening it again; however, given the current abundance of free prize sites, it would probably not generate as much revenue as before.

The site was able to track a users completion of one of our affiliates offers or advertisements, and use the few cents of generated advertising revenue to award points to that specific user. Once the user was awarded enough points, he or she could cash out for a prize such as an iPod shuffle. Unlike many other referral based sites, our site did not require the user to pester his or her friends with pesky credit card offers and Netflix subscriptions!

Literate Monkeys

Back in December of 2006, I started work on my brainchild called Literate Monkeys.  The idea was to facilitate the process of working together on projects for students.  If a group needed to make a study guide they would be able to use the collaboration feature of the site to always have the most updated revision of the study guide posted at all times.  This way if two people were working on the guide at the same time then there would not be any lost information and hassle in email the attachments back and forth to each other.

Unfortunately this idea lost steam when it proved to be too difficult to format tables and advanced charts on the site. Then Google Docs started becoming more prominent, adapting the idea of collaboration in a centralized manner, and, because they had immensely more resources than me, they were able to create a better finalized product that was easier to use.

Literate Monkeys also had a chat/forums section where students could discuss homework problems and other scholarly things on their mind.

Literate Monkeys is dead as of now.