Bits, Sex, and Money: How High Frequency Trading Can Be Improved

Today, high frequency trading is exciting, but not sexy. Traders currently use computers with blistering connections to markets to take advantage of momentary market inefficiencies and, through tremendous volumes, may work up a sizable profit. It is exciting because these high frequency trading (HFT) firms have computers which are able to spot patterns on ticker tapes and make about 70 percent of the entire market’s trades on any given day. But such practices are still not sexy, because the computers by themselves are as socially perceptive as a herd of cows. The computers have the technology to trade faster than a human being ever could, and consequentially have been programmed with algorithms which make them the masters of technical arbitrage. Where computers fall short, however, is in understanding the relationships which drive humanity, and more specifically, business.
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GM finds a use for the oil-soaked booms used in Gulf Oil Spill

According to Engadget:

You can be as jaded as you like, and trust us we’ve offered our own fair share of cynicism, but let’s put that aside for a moment as we learn that General Motors is pulling in about 100 miles worth of oil-soaking booms, 100,000 pounds worth that would have otherwise gone into landfills, and turning them into stacks of plastic parts that will go under the hood and in the front bumper of the Chevrolet Volt. The booms of course come from the Louisiana coasts, where oil is still being collected despite the US media having collectively forgotten all about it. These 100 miles of booms will provide enough parts to outfit the entire first-year production Volts and, while we’re sure this is as much a PR move as it is a practical or environmental one, we’re going to go ahead and just call it a win-win.

I think it is really neat what has been done here with the power of recycling.  It really warms my blood when I see things being utilized to their fullest potential, and even though this may just be another selling point for a salesman in a Chevy dealership, it is a creative solution which assigns the oil booms to one more task before their eventual retirement in a dump.  Way to go Chevy engineers!